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Foreign Language Assistants

Assistantships in Britain and Ireland
Instead of studying at an English-speaking university it is possible to teach German conversation for six to nine months as an "assistant teacher" at a British or Irish school. You will receive a salary that will be sufficient to live on, and in return you will teach 12 hours a week.

This is a scheme administered by the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD) and is based on bilateral agreements, i.e. it is not affected by Brexit.

A job as an assistant teacher is usually an enjoyable and rewarding way of financing a stay abroad, and it is valuable experience for Lehramt students. 

According to §6 (15) of the Rahmenvorgabenverordnung Lehramtsstudiengänge – RahmenVO-KM vom 27. April 2015, an assistantship can count for 8 of the 12 weeks of the praxissemester in the MEd. You need to do the remaining 4 weeks at a school in Baden-Württemberg, and you are required to do the begleitveranstaltungen that normally accompany the praxissemester.


Who can apply:

You normally need to have German nationality and be a native-speaker Bildungsinländer.  Native-speaker Bildungsinländer who do not have German nationality are encouraged to contact the PAD to enquire about eligibility.

At the time of applying, you need to have completed at least two semesters, so that you have completed four semesters by the time you start the assistantship.  Preference is given to Lehramt students of English, and it is a good idea to have done at least a short "Schulpraktikum" before applying. There is an age limit: see the official website (link below).

When to apply: One year in advance. The application system goes online in August, and the deadline is 1st December -- but make sure you apply well before this date, as the system may overload near the deadline.

How to apply: There is a meeting at the end of the summer semester at which I give hints on applying and, much more importantly, students who have just returned from the UK and Ireland report on their experiences and answer questions. Watch out for the notices informing you of when and where the meeting will be and make sure you come if you are at all interested in an assistantship.

You need to apply online and by post. Make sure you follow carefully all the instructions on the PAD website.

PAD website:

Preparation course: If enough people apply for places, I hold a preparation course in the summer semester that is open to all those taking up assistant teaching posts later that year. Apart from meaning you to get to know the other people who will be in Ireland / the UK at the same time as you, this course gives you a chance to learn a few standard techniques and to build your confidence in conducting classes. 

You will find the course in the Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis.  Just turn up in the first week of the semester (no need to sign up).


Assistantships in the US
The Pädagogischer Austauschdienst offers assistantships in the US and Canada for students with good grades who have completed at least four semesters at the time of applying for a place (six semesters at the time of starting the job). These assistantships are usually at colleges and universities rather than high schools. The closing date for applications is earlier -- 1st November  -- so if you are interested, you need to start getting your application together in the summer vacation. Check out the official website linked above, and contact me in the vacation if you have questions I might be able to help with.

Assistantships in other countries
A limited number of Pädagogischer Austauschdienst assistantships are available in Australia and New Zealand - these are for students who will have their 1. Staatsexamen by the time they go. Closing dates for applications, working conditions and contract dates vary. The PAD website (see above) has the basic information, and if you're interested it's worth contacting me to see if I can put you in touch with anyone who has done one of these assistantships.

Please note: I have no official connection with this programme.  The rules for application change from time to time, and there may be a delay before any changes are reflected here in the Studienführer.  Please refer to the PAD website for the latest information.   

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