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Going Abroad

All students of English are expected to spend a period of at least three months in an English-speaking country. When applying to study or work abroad you will almost certainly require references from a member of staff here. All members of staff are happy to provide references but you should only ask those whose courses you have been in and who therefore know you personally. The more important the scholarship, the more "academic" should be the reference. In other words, if you are applying for a DAAD scholarship, it will not be particularly helpful for your application if a language teacher writes a reference saying how good your grammar is - this will be taken for granted by the selectors.

There are three main ways to go abroad: studying at a foreign university, working as an assistant teacher of German at a school abroad, or finding some other kind of job or internship.

Information about these possibilities can be obtained either from the relevant person in the English Department (see "Ansprechpartner" at or from the university's International Office:

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