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Withdrawal / Interruption of Procedure; Exceeding of Deadlines; Repetition of Exams


Withdrawal from or interruption of the final examination (i.e. the procedure after you have been registered for the MA thesis by the GPA) is only possible with permission from the examination board. Such a request is usually only granted for reasons such as illness, maternity leave etc. If the reasons are not accepted, the exam in question will be graded with “fail”. The same grading is given if deadlines have not been met. A written request for withdrawal or interruption of the final examination has to be submitted to the GPA immediately, if applicable with a medical certificate.

If you have failed an examination (including examinations at other universities) you are allowed to repeat it only once, and that no later than in the following semester. Only as an exception are you allowed to repeat a maximum of two course-related exams twice. In order to do so you have to submit a written request to the GPA. A second attempt at the MA thesis or the final oral exam is not permitted. If you fail a mandatory module irretrievably, you will not be allowed to continue (and finish) your studies in the MA program English Studies; the final failure of a mandatory module with a choice of options or of an elective module can be compensated for by passing an alternative equivalent module. You are not allowed to repeat an examination that you have already passed (for example, in order to improve your grade).



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