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Passing and Grading

The grades for the course-related examinations, the MA thesis and the final oral exam are given by the respective examiner(s). The grading system allows for the following grades; intermediate grades (+/- 0.3) are also permitted:

            1 = excellent (an outstanding performance);

            2 = good (an above-average performance);

            3 = satisfactory (an average performance);

         4 = sufficient (the standard has been met, but with a number of notable errors);

            5 = deficient (the standard has not been met).Important: you have only ONE opportunity to repeat the examination; if you fail a second time you are no longer eligible for a degree and your matriculation will be revoked.

In the MA program, grades are also issued for each module and for the MA degree in its entirety. The module grades are generated by weighting each course-related grade according to the number of credit points (CP) awarded for the corresponding course.  

Your performance (oral or written exams, term papers etc.) in the courses you take at the English Department as part of the MA program is usually graded. Only lectures and "Independent Studies" are usually not graded. If, however, you do receive a grade for one of these courses, it will count towards the module grade. Courses that are not graded (either because they are usually not graded or because the were transferred from another university with a different grading system) do not count towards the module grades.

The final grade of your MA degree is calculated similarly to the module grades: each module grade (including the one for the MA thesis and the final oral exam) is weighted according to its number of CP; the grade for the final oral exam is in addition multiplied by 2.

The module grades and the final grade of your MA degree are as follows:

            with an average grade of up to 1.5: excellent (“sehr gut”)

            with an average grade between 1.6 and 2.5: good (“gut”)

    with an average grade between 2.6 and 3.5: satisfactory (“befriedigend”)

   with an average grade between 3.6 and 4.0: sufficient (“ausreichend”)


You have successfully completed the MA program when all required courses and modules in your major and your minor subject as well as your MA thesis and the final oral exam have been given at least a “sufficient” (4.0) grade. If the final grade for the MA degree is 1.0, the title “with distinction” (“mit Auszeichnung”) will be awarded.  

In addition to the final grade according to the German grading system, you will receive a relative grade (ECTS-grade) according to the following grading scale:

            A the best 10%

            B the next 25%

            C the next 30%

            D the next 25%

            E the next 10%

This relative ECTS-grade will be provided without exception as a supplement to your final MA degree; for individual modules, it may be provided – if there is a need and if such a calculation is possible at all.


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