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Master Thesis

Your MA thesis should reveal that you can independently and in an academic and methodological way deal with a problem from the field of English linguistics or English literature – depending on your focus – within a given time period. For dates and deadlines, please refer to the previous chapter. Although the topic of your MA thesis is officially set by your advisor, you will be given the opportunity to – in fact you should – make suggestions; the chairman of the examination board will then officially assign the topic via the GPA.


Your MA thesis can be written either in English or in German; a short abstract in the other language (i.e. either German or English) has to be enclosed. Observing your deadline, you have to hand in three copies of your MA thesis to the GPA. You have to enclose an affidavit stating that you have written your MA thesis yourself, that you have used no other sources and devices than the ones mentioned and that all directly cited or paraphrased text passages are indicated as such. Quotations or references taken from the internet have to be enclosed in print (i.e. as a hard copy).


Your thesis will be graded by your advisor and a second examiner; the final grade results from the mathematical average of both assessments; in cases of doubt, the examination board may consult a third examiner. The MA thesis is worth 30 credit points.


For more information, please refer to the examination regulations, especially §§ 16 and 17 of the “general part” and §§ 4 and 6 of the “special part”.



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