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Registration for MA Thesis and Final Oral Exam and Examination Procedure

The “Gemeinsame Prüfungsamt (GPA)” (see above, “General Information”) is in charge of exam administration (including registration, verification of deadlines, calculation of the final grade, issuing of diplomas and transcripts etc.) for students who are majoring in English Studies.


Students can register for the final examinations at any time (i.e. no fixed registration periods), provided that they fulfil the registration requirements. The official procedure is as follows:

1.    You register for your MA thesis by handing in an application at the GPA (available at the GPA or online).

2.    The academic advisor(s) at the English Department confirm(s) with their sigature that you fulfil all requirements mandatory for registration.

3.    Thereupon, the GPA registers you for the examination.


You then have to successfully complete the following:

1.    Master thesis (cf. “Master Thesis” in this chapter)

2.    Any pending course-related examinations (in both subjects)

3.    Final oral exam(s) (cf. “Final Oral Exam” in this chapter)


The application form for registration for the final examinations is available at the GPA and contains both (1) information on which documents (e.g. university entrance qualification etc.) have to be handed in with the application form and (2) forms for the academic advisors to confirm if/that you fulfil all requirements mandatory for registration. At the English Department, it is Ms. Peterfy who issues you with this certificate. Only then will your examiner also sign the form to agree to examine you. When all documents are complete, the GPA will register you for the examination.  


Registration requirements

a)    for the Master thesis:

·         proof of at least 54 credit points in your major English Studies / Anglistik.


b)   for the final oral exam:

·         proof that all course-related examinations in both subjects have been successfully completed;

·         proof that the Master thesis has been handed in.


Please remember that – aside from proving that you meet the prerequisites – you need to let the GPA know the date of your final oral exam so that they can send the examination report form to your examiners.



The following deadlines must be observed once you have registered for your final examinations or once you have taken your last course-related exam:

The earliest possible moment when you can register for your MA thesis at the GPA is when you have proof of having completed enough courses and modules to accumulate 54 credit points (from courses taken in the program English Studies).

The latest possible date to register for your MA thesis with the GPA or to request at the GPA that a topic for a thesis be assigned to you is 8 weeks after you take your very last course-related exam (this can either be in your major or your minor subject): see
§ 16 (3) in the “general part” of the examination regulations (“MA-Prüfungsordnung, Allgemeiner Teil”). Please be aware that the relevant date for the deadline is when you take the exam (date of written or oral exam, date when you hand in a paper etc.), not when you receive the grade for it! 

You need to hand in your MA thesis and complete any – at the time of registration possibly still pending – course-related examinations in your major and your minor subject within 6 months of registering for your MA thesis (see § 13 (2) and § 16 (5) of the “general part” of the examination regulations). On rare occasions, the examination board may – if your advisor also approves – grant an extension of up to 2 months; for part-time students, the extension can be up to 4 months (see § 16 (5), “general part”). For part-time studies, see the chapter "Teilzeitstudium".

Once the topic for your thesis has been assigned and the deadlines have been fixed, it is possible to request a new topic for your thesis only once and only within the first month after the assignment of your first topic. With the assignment of a new topic, the deadlines are reset and you will be allowed the full 6 months to complete your thesis (see § 16 (6), “general part”).  

You need to take your final oral exam within 6 weeks of handing in your MA thesis (see § 18 (2) of the “general part” of the examination regulations).  



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