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Examination Method in the MA Program English Studies / Anglistik

General Information

The official examination regulations (“Prüfungsordnung”) for the MA program English Studies / Anglistik at the English Department of apply to all students who have begun their MA studies at the English Department since the summer term 2012 or who have transferred to the MA program English Studies from another university. The so-called “general part” of the official examination regulations (“Prüfungsordnung, Allgemeiner Teil”, for the Faculty of Modern Languages) regulates various organizational matters, such as deadlines, grading, transfer of credits, examination procedure etc. The “special part” of the examination regulations (“MA-Prüfungsordnung, Besonderer Teil”, for the MA program English Studies) contains all the relevant information on curriculum structure, on the number of required courses and modules, on course requirements etc. Both parts of the examination regulations are available online on the homepage of the English Department under the heading “Im Studium / Prüfungsangelegenheiten / Prüfungsordnungen” or at:

 A printed version is available on the information board on the third floor of the English Department or in Ms. Peterfy's office (Room 318), who is responsible for advising MA students at the English Department on academic matters.

With general questions concerning, for example, examinations or the examination procedure rather than the curriculum of the MA program English Studies, please contact the examination office (“Gemeinsames Prüfungsamt”, abbreviated “GPA”):


Gemeinsame Prüfungsamt (GPA)

Voßstr. 2, Gebäude 37, 69115 Heidelberg

Head: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Klaus Kempter.

Administrative assistant:

Margherita Maulella (MA Program): office 107; Tel.: 54-3481; E-Mail:

Fax: 54-3625

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