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Honor Pledge (Anti-Plagiatserklärung)

In order to verify that your work—your ideas, words, and structure—is wholly your own, and does not lift from or imitate other sources without due acknowledgment, you may be required to include a signed declaration to that effect. Check with your teacher if you are unsure about including this statement; in any event, it cannot do you any harm to certify that your work is your own!

The following statement should be included either after your Title Page, or after the Works Cited/Bibliography section of your paper:

I declare that I have read and understood the material exemplifying and explaining cases of plagiarism included in the Studienführer ('Genius borrows nobly': Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism), and that my paper contains no plagiarized material and is solely my own work. I am aware of the fact that should my paper be found to contain plagiarized material or to have been written in part or whole by someone else, this will entail serious consequences. These include the following:

  1. The reason for my failure will be recorded by the department.

  2. I will not be given credit for the course.

  3. The Honor Board may review my paper and suggest additional sanctions, including expulsion.

Furthermore I am aware that submitting the same or a revised paper in two separate courses without the instructors' explicit consent will result in similar consequences."


Sign and date the statement.

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