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How to plan your studies

 Considering the tight schedule as well as the various events, deadlines and forms of coursework (e.g. an examination at the end of the term or a term paper during the semester break), it is essential for students to plan their studies from the first semester on if they wish to graduate within the regular period of study. For a detailed description of the structure of examinations please go to the Chapter "Prüfungen"  (Examinations) in this Study Guide and read the subchapter "Examination Methods in the MA program."

When planning your studies, take the approximate workload for each course into account. The credits allocated to a course can be used as a guide: 1 credit corresponds to an average workload of 30 hours.

Please consider that the workload is not limited to the lecture period; it is assume that student work will extend over the semester break (e.g. writing term papers, preparing for examinations, reading, preparing for seminars, improving your English, etc.). For further questions, feel free to contact the academic adviser (Dr. Peterfy, Fachstudienberatung) during her office hours.

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