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Coursework and credits (Leistungspunkte) system

 Coursework assessment can take a variety of forms, including written examinations, presentations, oral examinations, seminar papers, projects, thesis-based bibliographies, scientific hypertexts, learning portfolios, study diaries, scripts and course-related examinations (continuous assessment).

Oral and written examinations are defined by the instructor according to § 15 (2) of the official catalogue of degree requirements (Prüfungsordnung, Allgemeiner Teil),[1] and must be announced at the beginning of the course at the latest, unless the official catalogue of degree requirements specifies otherwise.

The module overview shows how many credits are allocated to individual courses. Please note that the credits are earned according to the all-or-nothing principle: students earn the number of credits allocated to the respective course after fulfilling all requirements (regular attendance, successfully completing the coursework as stated in the official catalogue of degree requirements and by the instructor):

·         Proseminar II: 6 credits

·         Upper level seminar: 8 credits

·         Lecture: 4 credits

·         Independent Studies 7 credits (major) or 2 credits (minor)

If a student fulfils only a part of the course requirements, no credits are awarded. It is not possible to earn only some of the credits for a course. Students must fulfil all the required coursework for a module with a grade of at least “sufficient” (“ausreichend”) before receiving  the credits for that module.



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