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Degree programs, combination possibilities and transfer

The Master of Arts in English Studies/Anglistik offered by the English Department of the University of Heidelberg requires combination with a minor. The English Department imposes no restrictions regarding the choice of a minor; students can combine a degree program from the English department with any other subject, as long as it is offered as a M.A. degree program (see “Liste der Begleitfächer – List of minors[1]). It is also possible to combine a major in English Studies with a minor in English Studies, as long as the chosen specializations complement each other.

English Studies can be also studied as a minor, requiring 20 credits, with a major outside the department.  As in the major, it is necessary to choose either “Literary Studies “or “Linguistics” as the field of specialization.

Students who wish to transfer from another university into a later semester have to submit complete applications for the M.A. program by the same deadline as new students. The official catalogue of degree requirements (Prüfungsordnung) states that credits for coursework and examinations awarded at another Institution may, if appropriate, be transferred as credits for the program, up to a limit of at most half of all required course credits. However credits awarded at another institution will not be recognised as contributions to, or substitutions for, final oral examinations or a Master's thesis.  Please also note that coursework and examinations that counted toward an undergraduate degree cannot be recognized. The same applies to any other courses that were used to satisfy part of the admission requirements for the M.A. program. For further information, please consult the official catalogue of degree requirements (Prüfungsordnung, Allgemeiner Teil).[2]


English Studies (Linguistics and Literary Studies) can be also pursued as part-time degrees.   In this case, students are not allowed to earn more than 35 CP in the course of one academic year. Exception: the MA-thesis. The deadline of six months applies also for part-time students; an exceptional extension of the deadline by four months can be granted in certain cases. (According to §16.5 of the General Examinations Regulations.)



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