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Course structure and schedule


For students who opt to major in English Studies, a possible course of study could be as follows (variations across the semesters are admissible):
Course of study for majors:

                1st semester:  1 PS II (Proseminar -Seminar)  + 1 HS (Upper level seminar) + 2  VL   Vorlesungen- Lectures)

               2nd semester: 1 HS + 1 VL lecture + Independent Studies
                3rd semester: 1 HS + 1 VL lecture + Independent Studies
                4th semester: M.A. thesis + final exam


For students who decide to minor in English Studies, the following course of study is recommended:
Course of study for minors:
                1st semester: PS II
                2nd semester: Lecture
                3rd semester: HS + Independent Studies (minor)

                 4th semester: No coursework required


Within these requirements, students are free to choose any course from a given category in the field of their specialization (with the exception of Introduction to Literary Studies, Introduction to Linguistics, and Phonetics, which are lectures designed for undergraduates).  The courses are listed in the Course Catalogue (Kommentiertes Vorlesungsverzeichnis), which, as a rule,  is published towards the end of the lecture period (July  and January, respectively) for the coming semester.  The processes for signing up for classes, as well as the associated deadlines, are detailed in the Course Catalogue.






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