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The Master of Arts in English Studies builds on the methodical skills and specialized knowledge acquired in the Bachelor program in terms of both depth and breadth.  A near-native fluency in English and thorough familiarity with research methodologies are admission requirements.  The course emphasizes research and combines traditional competences in literary studies and linguistics with skills in new cultural and transfer techniques. Students acquire expertise in both independent academic research and writing, based on a critical approach to knowledge, as well as in information management and careers related to literature and linguistics.


At the beginning of the M.A. program, students majoring in English Studies can choose between two specializations: linguistics or literature. A specialization in linguistics provides students with a broad overview of historical and contemporary linguistics. Literary studies comprise the whole range of English and American literature as well as cultural and comparative approaches. Both options allow students to concentrate on areas of individual interest.

Students who choose the Master of Arts in English Studies as a minor can also opt to focus on either linguistics or literature. As a minor, the MA program encompasses selected research topics and methods of historical and modern linguistics or of English and American literature and cultural studies, respectively. In particular, when combined with a major field in another language, an English minor offers an excellent opportunity to pursue comparative or contrastive studies.


Further information regarding the major and minor in English Studies are available in the module overview (Modularisierung) and in the module handbook (Modulhandbuch) ( on the website of the English Studies Department. For an abridged, English version see:



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