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Curriculum and schedule of the M.A. program

Like the Bachelor of Arts program, the M.A. program is organized in modules[1]. If English Studies is chosen as a major, with a focus either on Literary Studies, or on Linguistics, the course requires students to achieve 100 credits (Leistungspunkte/LP) from coursework, their M.A. thesis, and their final examination.  Additionally, the degree requires a further 20 credits in a minor subject. To complete the M.A. program successfully, students are thus required to complete a total of 120 credits, with 1 credit representing an expected workload of 30 hours. The M.A. program is designed to cover four semesters[2], including the examination period. The admission requirements for the Master of Arts in English Studies are specified in the requirements for admission (Zulassungsordnung), which is available on the website of the English Department.


[1] A module contains thematic teaching and study units that must be completed within a certain period of time. It usually comprises several courses that require students to complete specifically defined coursework and to take examinations. The B.A. programs offer mandatory and elective modules. Students are required to complete all mandatory modules and can choose their elective modules from a set of options according to the requirements stated in the official catalogue of degree requirements (Prüfungsordnung). Please make sure to be familiar with the examination regulations from the very beginning of your studies. You find the regulations described in more detail in the chapter "Prüfungen/Exams".

[2] The regular period of study in which students should complete the program is four semesters. However, this timeline is only a guideline, e.g. for the period of time in which BAföG is granted. Taking longer than four semesters to complete the program does not result in expulsion or in losing the right to take examinations. Study abroad semesters and similar periods do not count as part of the regular period of study. 



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