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Cambridge University Exchange

Heidelberg University has a number of links with colleges at the world-renowned Cambridge University. These exchange places are therefore open to students studying any subject, but suitable candidates from the English Department have as good a chance as anyone else of getting a place - perhaps better, on account of their language skills.

Any student contemplating applying should be aware that the application process is longer than for Erasmus. In addition, Cambridge is  - and has been for centuries - one of the top universities in the world. Its academic standards are correspondingly high and the workload is heavy. (As a student of English Literature, you will probably be expected to read several novels and write an essay on them each week.) Nonetheless, for an ambitious and hardworking student this is a fantastic opportunity that will deepen your knowledge of your subject and make your CV stand out from the rest. (It hardly needs to be said that the city itself rivals Heidelberg for history and beauty.)

There are two main types of exchange agreements:

1. Full-year exchange

This is similar to the other university exchange programmes. Two students can study for the full academic year (October to July) at either St Catharine's or St John's College. Tuition fees and college fees are waived but living costs, rent, etc. have to be covered by the student.

The deadline for applications is the middle of November. It does not matter which semester you are in.

2. Summer programme 

This is more interesting for postgraduate students (MA and Ph.D.). Successful applicants are provided with accommodation by the college and are expected to undertake a research project which should in some way be related to Cambridge.

The deadline for applications is March.

More information

In both cases, more information, including details on how to apply, can be found at

Anyone interested in applying would be well advised to attend the information meeting, which is held at the start of the winter semester (Tuesday 16th October for 2018).

There is also a Hiwi, who is usually someone who took part in the exchange in the previous year and therefore can give advice about what it is like to study in Cambridge and what is important in the application process. His/her contact details can be found on the web page.

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