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28.August 2018, Gaston: A few small updates
18.August 2016, Gaston: Added info about internships under Erasmus+.
18.August 2016, Gaston: Replaced the table of university partners with a link to the same information of the AS's website - why bother duplicate the info (and work of keeping it updated?)
22.September 2015, Gaston: Update Brighton info
22.September 2015, Gaston: Deleted UEA from list
25.August 2015, Gaston: Further updates of exchange agreement details.
24.August 2015, Gaston: Minor rephrasing.
24.August 2015, Gaston: Added warning there aren't many exchanges at the MA level.
24.August 2015, Gaston: Updated list of exchanges
07.August 2014, Gaston: New AAA website address
06.August 2014, Gaston: Updated table of exchange partners.
05.August 2014, Gaston: Deleted reference to TOEFL; updated amount of grant.
26.September 2013, Gaston: Fehlerkorrektur (nur ein Platz an QMCL)
06.September 2013, Gaston: Had forgotten to write that Reading is an EN dept.
06.September 2013, Gaston: Updated list of partner unverisities & places available.
28.August 2012, Gaston: Expanded info on what non-EU-citizens have to do to get a visa.

Letzte Änderung: Gaston am 28.August 2018
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